For your safety…


Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Kuhn Counseling Center has implemented several approaches to adjust to the changing needs of our clients. We continue to take safety precautions seriously.

In order to comply with the CDC recommendation at this time, the following office procedures have been put into place.

  • Our Batavia and Naperville locations are practicing social distancing by only allowing the individual/couple with the appointment inside, masks required to enter.
  • Both locations have air purifiers with HEPA filters in each counseling office and with intensive cleaning protocols in place.
To keep everyone healthy:
  • If you’d prefer telehealth, we are continuing to offer this as an option to in-person for as long as insurance companies continue to provide coverage.
  • We do ask that you stay home if you are feeling sick.
  • Please wait in your car until your therapist calls you to come in for your session.
  • If your child/adolescent has an appointment, please go back to wait in the car after the therapist update for the duration of the appointment– or come for an update at the end of the session.
  • Please do not bring any additional visitors or family members non-essential to the visit to the office. Siblings or other family members who will not be in the session should remain at home or in the car.

Session Offering Descriptions

In-Person Sessions.

We are offering regular office sessions in both of our locations, Batavia and Naperville for those that prefer to be in-person. We have HEPA air filters in each office as well as heightened cleaning procedures. In-Person Sessions will remain the same as previous with the exception to patients waiting outside/in vehicle until the therapist has called/texted.

Telehealth (Video) Sessions.

For our clients who are unable to visit the office or who do not wish, at this time, to be in-person, we are offering Telehealth Sessions. These are video conferencing sessions to allow you and your therapist the ability to connect without having to meet in person. These sessions can be accessed through either a computer or mobile device. If you are interested in a Telehealth Session, please contact your therapist for more information.

Phone Sessions.

For our clients who are unable to visit the office, and who may be uncomfortable with video sessions, we are offering phone sessions at this time. If you are interested in a Phone Session, please contact your therapist for more information.